Cylinder-shaped UFO spotted by New Horizons probe near Pluto

As you can already tell from the title, the new Horizons spacecraft has had quite an interesting adventure, to say the least. Its original mission was to take multiple pictures of the cosmos and bring back the best pictures ever known to man, but to everyone’s surprise, it may have done more than that. As it circled around Pluto and wrapped up its mission there, New Horizons was set to survey the surroundings near Pluto to see if there was anything worth reporting. That’s when the probe actually encountered this strange tube-like UFO.


You can see this photo on the official NASA website, but despite this, NASA has not yet denied or confirmed it. Originally sent into space on January 19, 2006 from Cape Canaveral Point, the New Horizons spacecraft was launched to get close to Jupiter in 2007. It took a while to arrive sometime between February and March. It later changed its course of fate to Pluto, where it returned on July 14, 2015.


While surveying the Kulper Belt near Pluto, the photo you can see here was taken. The live stream also started while heading towards the Ultima Thule rock formation and that’s exactly when all the ufologists around the globe took the photo and put it up everywhere before it could be silenced by anyone.

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