VALIANT THOR: The alien from Venus who worked for the Pentagon

VALIANT THOR would be sent to planet earth as a mediator to prevent the nuclear destruction of the earth, according to claims.

It all starts with a book distributed by Dr. Straight to the point E. Stranges, called “A Stranger in the Pentagon” , which in this book discovers the probability that an Alien arrived on Earth on March 16, 1957, around 8 am in a field in the city of Alexandria, Virginia.

This bewildering man with 1.85 level human elements, earth-colored eyes, an inaccurate 85 kg load, and wavy hair, called himself Valiant Thor , the one responsible for keeping everything under control in the system and mentioned being introduced to the then leader of the United States. Dwight D Eisenhower .

The big reason Thor Valiant came to Earth

When Valiant Thor was taken to the Pentagon, figuring out how to get past security and get close enough to the public authority compound, that they guarantee he had the option of doing it using some kind of brain control, he was greeted by who was then Secretary . of Defense of the United States, Charles Erwin Wilson . Intrepid, having accomplished his goal, he met with Vice President Richard Nixon and others who had a place with the Office of Public Authority, which from then on led him to meet with President Eisenhower.

As indicated by Valiant, he was one of the fundamental commanders of his planet, who was sent off Earth, by a High Council that was responsible for insurance and request in the cosmic system, with the mission of conveying the concern of the area. local cosmic by the new and developed atomic arsenal. created by people that could cause an atomic conflict and, eventually, the elimination of humanity.

There is evidence, such as photos of Valiant Thor, in meetings with high authorities of the United States government and none have offered the relative expressions to avoid the legitimacy of getting these statements. The alien spent three years on our planet during the supposed Cold War with the intention of interceding among the world’s pioneers to prevent disorder and work together on security projects for the planet.

In any case, is everything Stranges discovers valid?

Stranges, as the writer of this impressive book, was a government specialist who was in direct contact with Valiant Thor. His story is seen as a no-brainer, as much of the reporting has been affirmed by government authorities, for example the notable Harley Bird , whose nephew is Admiral Richard E. Bird , who worked for the Department of Defense in the time of the appearance of the alien, so currently it would be he in particular who can affirm such amazing explanations.

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