Astronaut Screams in Fear When Two UFOs Appeared During Live Stream Near the International Space Station (video)

The ISS has always been suspicious, to say the least, and this latest Livestream actually did showcase just how much they’re hiding from us all along. This incident originally happened in 2014 and the video went live soon after but it recently resurfaced and the evidence is just as blatant now as it has always been. It all happened as the spacecraft Soyuz MH-14 was planning on dropping their Russian robot Skybot F-850 aboard the ISS.

In order to do this, they needed to dock with the ISS and as they were doing so Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti spotted what appeared to be two massive orbs in the sky. The actual orbs weren’t caught on the live stream but Samantha’s screaming was. You can even hear her Russian colleague Anton Shkaplerov try to calm her down as she falls to the ground. The video in itself went viral almost overnight and former UFO investigator for the Ministry of Defense Nick Pope declared that this was not only unprecedented but also some of the greatest proof of alien life in outer space that we’ve ever come across.



Even while interviewed a few days later, Samantha declared that as she was looking back while floating in her cabin, she spotted these two massive orbs appear out of nowhere next to the International Space Station. Her shock could be heard from the ISS and as you can see in the footage yourself it’s no laughing matter, to say the least. Why would UFOs be so close to the ISS? Are they working together or was this happening behind their backs? What do you think? VIDEO:

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