Google Map Provides Images of Alien Base on Moon ( Video)

Lately, more and more structures have been discovered on the Moon that seems to be created by intelligent beings, maybe humans, as well as spotting of spaceships near Selena.

All of this is based on intense training for the competition of the great powers of the world to colonize the natural satellite of the Earth. Google Moon allows not only researchers but also simple people and/or independent amateur researchers to study the Moon. For example, some amateur researchers discovered in a photo taken by Google Moon, on the surface of Selena, a mysterious building about 15 kilometers long, they immediately assumed that this building is, in fact, an extraterrestrial base.

Interestingly is that in some photos this building does not appear which makes us believe that the pictures have been modified by the Google Moon program so we do not know about its existence. So the famous virtual ufologist Scott Waring has already started making plans for how this extraterrestrial base can be used to colonize the Moon. Google map coordinates: 49°54’5.25″N 142°37’43.85″E

Please watch the video below and tell us your opinion about this alien base discovered on the Moon.


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