Aliens from other galaxies may be able to see human behavior on Earth, according to scientists

Aliens from other galaxies may be able to see human behavior on Earth, according to scientists…..

According to experts, Earth’s life may be seen from 2,034 star systems, according to

2,034 star systems have been found by Cornell University researchers, some of whose occupants may be able to see Earth’s population. Some of them are so nearby that any “local” aliens equipped with the right technology can even detect radio waves coming from Earth.

Astronomers chose to employ the transit technique, which is often used to look for exoplanets, to perform this study.

As it turned out, Earth has been visible from 1,715 star systems for the past 5,000 years. In the next 5,000 years, 319 more star systems, some of which have Earth-like planets, will be able to observe Earth.

The report’s primary author and head of the Cornell University Carl Sagan Institute, Lisa Kaltenegger, stated that when she looks up at the sky, it appears a little nicer and as if someone may be waving.

75 star systems can also record radio communications from Earth if they have the right tools.

Alan Boss of the Carnegie Institution for Science, who was not involved in the study, referred to it as “provocative.”

He said that even if the cosmic geometry is off, adjacent space telescopes may still see Earth moving in front of the star.

Therefore, advanced civilizations that create space telescopes may be researching us right now.

Experts have previously cautioned against attempting to contact extraterrestrial life because they may hurt humanity, including Stephen Hawking.

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