Watch mysterious ‘alien spaceship’ being towed by trucks near secret Area 51 base

Astonishing footage has captured the moment a mysterious UFO is transported through the desert on the back of a truck.

Accompanied by a police escort, the truck is seen driving past a petrol station in Nevada with the strange disk-shaped object strapped to its trailer.

And many viewers have already been speculating as to what the strange structure could be, with some believing it may be an alien spaceship .

UFO being towed
Spotted: The mysterious object was caught on camera as it was towed near Area 51 (Image: YouTube)

One commentator suggested that the operation looked very suspicious – since over-sized loads are usually required to be transported during business hours.

But others rubbished the claims, arguing: “That’s not a ufo it’s a b-2 stealth drone.”

The clip, which has been uploaded to has racked up 229,869 views.

UFO being towed
Escort: The strange object was being transported by a truck and numerous emergency service vehicles (Image: YouTube)

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